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As the long-awaited Oprah Winfrey interview of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex looms (to be aired in the UK on ITV at 21.00 GMT this coming Monday 8th March!!!. I literally cannot wait. Tea will be spilled), speculations and gossip about the couple are ever-growing. Undoubtedly sensational, this interview is somewhat disagreeable for Buckingham Palace, who did not shy away from attacking Meghan’s character yet again as a ploy to undermine and discredit her interview claims.

Consequently, the Palace responded by starting an investigation against allegations that Meghan was allegedly bullying the staff. Indeed, this constitutes the first interview since stepping out of their royal duties last year. A step towards their Hollywood endeavours, one might say. What a better way to officially come back than to appear in the company of the infamous Ms Winfrey. In a snippet of the interview, Meghan expressed how “really liberating” it was to be able “to speak for herself finally”. Meghan referred to the allegations as the “latest attack on her character”, implying and as we know, that there were plenty. The interview should cover what the Sussexes had been up to, since abandoning their royal duties and future projects. Exciting times, right? I believe this is the place you will need to be this Monday, wouldn’t you say! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

In the meantime, Sky News interviewed three prominent black females in their respective fields which created such a buzz, gearing us up well ahead of the actual interview. It was the best thing I had seen on TV in ever!

The story read:

“SKY NEWS: ROYAL RIFT- Duchess of Sussex has told Oprah Winfrey that Buckingham Palace could not expect her to be silent if it’s “perpetuating falsehoods.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey look at their lives in and out of the royal family.”

Royal Rift: Megzit. Harry and Meghan upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey.

As celebrations in honour of International Women’s day kicked off days ago, I’ve never been prouder to be a black woman after witnessing history being made in front of my very eyes. Indeed, we saw the unapologetic manifestation of black girl magic, courtesy of Comedian Gina Yashere, Actor and Podcast Host Kelechi Okafor and Lawyer and Activist Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu. On what has become, in my opinion, the best TV moment of 2021 so far: The debriefing of Meghan and Harry dishing on the Royal family and the reason behind their ultimate departure and future prospects. At least it is what the public is expecting from the interview. This is what the royal family is frightened by.

The three guests interviewed by British broadcaster Dermot Murnaghan eloquently divulged into the harassment of Meghan by the British press. Solely due to her black heritage. Indeed, it cannot be overlooked in light of all the attacks and critics at her expense. We all heard about her family history been exposed in the media, the fact that she comes from a broken family. Don’t we all? What family doesn’t have its feuds? In my book, all families come with their variant of toxicity. Harry’s certainly did. Growing up seeing your mother constantly sad and disliked by the royals mustn’t have been all too happy, jolly.

Actor and Podcast Host Kelechi Okafor talked about systemic gaslighting, and I concur. The gravity of the attacks to which was subject Meghan daily and their ongoing nature by the British press by eventually minimising their weight by dismissing her feelings or anybody who resembles her constitutes gaslighting and comparing her child to a chimpanzee or calling her “uppity” highlights this point.

Similarly, Actress Gina Yashere accused the press of bullying the Duchess and pretending they forgot she possessed black heritage.

She explained that that Royals never protected her when her son was compared to a chimpanzee by the press. It looks like the royal family was quite happy to let Meghan alone in the arena with the lions when they conveniently never spoke up to stop the harassment. It appears the only time they seem to have been quite forward, was following up on the accusations from the palace’s staff against Meghan. How low can they go?

Did you guys saw what I saw? Seeing Dr Shola shaming Prince Charles and comparing him to Harry, I actually screamed, and it was night time… I was with Gina on this one. What do you guys think? Shouldn’t these women have their own show? Red Table Talk style! This would be such a success, wouldn’t you say?

What a fantastic analogy. This precisely contributed to Harry’s decision to leave. He continuously expressed his desire to protect his family (Meghan and Archie) for preventing history from repeating itself. We all remember how his late mother died in a brutal car accident due to the harassment of the press and the lack of concern from the royals after divorcing Prince Charles and dating millionaire film producer Dodi Al Fayed, who happened to be of Muslim faith. It was supposedly feeding the Royal family’s hatred, definitely rocking the boat for the late Princess Diana. We also know, she never had the support of Charles nor his family. So in this regards, couldn’t their departure have come from Harry himself? And is there anything wrong with a man loving his wife enough to do everything in his power to protect her?

Why is it that when a man is fully committed to his wife, he is consequently perceived as whipped? Indeed, here it’s not only a matter of race but also of gender roles. Meghan is also criticised for “wearing the trousers” in the marriage, and Harry just follows suit. Why does society enjoy accusing women of evilness? If Meghan was evil, I believe it was necessary for her and her family. The mere fact that Harry suffered tremendously after his mother’s loss should be enough for people and the press, in particular, to let him be. Out of respect for Princess Diana and the child walking by his mother coffin in 1997. What is wrong with people? I understand the press is looking for a sensational story, but frequently and unfortunately, these stories are entirely subjective. Sadly for Harry, they seem to be in the Queen’s corner.

Mental health is paramount in this day and age and is ever so right for Harry, who suffered tremendously from his mother’s death at the hand of the press.  So it’s somewhat comforting to see him finally happy and normal, away from all the codes, freely expressing himself and gushing about his baby boy.

Last week in The Late Late Show with James Corden, Harry appeared as normal as the next guy. He was joking around, laughing, dropped his glass, went out for a number 2 and gave us a bit of an insight into his life with his wife and kid. It even gave us an understanding of the relationship with his grandma. (It felt weird to hear him call the Queen grandma, to be honest! She indeed is, but still.) We will always be rooting for you, Harry!

The Late Late Show with James Corden starring Prince Harry

Moreover, it is refreshing to see a panel of educated, strong-willed and successful black women discussing race and, more importantly, misogynoir—the constant attack towards black women solely due to their race.

Meghan was battling the angry black women’s stereotypes, criticising her for everything she does, making her the story villain. The same narrative used over and over again to describe the Duchess. It’s tiring, and we will not tolerate this nonsense any longer . People need to correct themselves and adapt to the times. I’m not even sure where this stereotype comes from, but that’s just a stereotype. It’s the common idea that people appear to have about black women. I have been dating my white boyfriend for years, and I noticed one of his best friends never came to talk to me at parties or gatherings. So once I asked him why? And he told me he did not know how to approach me, that we hadn’t formally been introduced before. Therefore he didn’t know how to deal with this situation. Out of shyness, he just blanked and ignored me. According to him (he lives in London, by the way), he didn’t encounter many black people, hence his poor behaviour. Damn! Again, I can’t help but wonder if I had been white, would he have behaved the same? Of course not. Another example of someone been frightened by blackness. Story of my life! One has to question why and how these ideas about black people and, mainly, black women come about. It’s 2021, and it’s getting old!

Enough about me now 😊

The best misogynoir tactic is the comparison with Kate Middleton.

It is funny how people attack Meghan for her family background, which is “broken” when she comes from royalty on her father’s side. As opposed to Kate, whose family are “self-made millionaire” and don’t actually come from money per se. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I never heard the press condemning Kate for this. On the other hand, Meghan‘s family issues always come to the forefront. I realise her dad’s family is a bit media hungry but still, there is dirt to be dug up in every family history of divorce. Come on now! It’s even more impressive because obviously, she married Harry, but she’s also mixed-raced. I guess people enjoy associating blackness with trouble, therefore contributing to her stories in the press being so popular.

Perhaps at the end of the day, maybe the decision to depart was initiated by both Harry and Meghan due to the protection of their mental health and the constant harassment Meghan had been subjected to.

Harry even pleaded with the press to leave his wife (then girlfriend) alone due to the amount of harassment from the media back then.

Isn’t it normal for a concern partner to look after his wife in such fashion? Why would anyone think she has some sort of hold on him? Couldn’t it just be love and the trauma caused by his tragic history? If Kate had been attacked in the same way (not that I believe she would have been, far from it), wouldn’t it have been expected for Prince William to have stepped up too? Also, regardless of the protocols in place, Harry took it upon himself to warn the British press. However, I didn’t see Prince William, Kate, the Queen or Prince Philip voice anything for that matter. This silence screams bullying to me; this insidious condoning of the media’s actions speak louder than words.

In the Sky News interview, Actor and Podcast Host Kelechi Okafor stated:

“I think that it’s definitely racialised when we are talking about Meghan specifically and her proximity to her blackness because her mum is a black woman. Yes, Meghan identifies as bi-racial, but her mum is a black woman. And the press is very much aware of this. The institution is very much aware of this. And we know that the stereotype that’s often afforded or inflicted upon black women is the angry black woman. Stereotyped black women are seen as aggressive and intimidating, and the same narrative has been used for her in this case.”

Indeed, pretending to disregard Meghan‘s blackness is highly hypocritical due to the fact that the abuse she endures is due to her race. This is gaslighting and appalling. At least be openly racist and stick to it. Piers Morgan couldn’t care less what people think of him. For the others, it’s pretending not to be racist because in this day and age, one cannot be viewed as racist. It’s unethical; it’s bad press. But stating that Archie resembles a chimpanzee cannot be perceived as a racial attack, far from it because “we see no colour” and “we see no evil”. The simple fact that racism is undeniable and the people perpetuating it pretend it’s just words utterly shocks me.

This reminds me of Stephen Poliakoff’s British war-thriller Glorious 39 (2009), based at the cusp of World War II, in which what seems to be a wealthy and happy family in England turned-out to be Nazis appeasers. The adopted child of the family, Anna (Romala Garai), discovered it all by listening to communications between her family and the Germans. She also finds she had gipsy origins, which may explain her family’s change of behaviour, who silently and classily use gaslighting tactics to drive her insane. To the point, she’s imprisoned and escapes to finally leave as long as her siblings without them knowing her whereabouts—a fantastic watch with Eddie Redmayne playing the brother. What I am trying to get at is, Meghan‘s treatment by the royal family is quite similar to what Anna encountered in the movie. She was dismissed quietly and hypocritically to push her away due to her heritage. In this sense, the powerful Keyes family’s behaviour towards Anna has been emulated by the royal family in their treatment of Meghan. Silent, classy and deadly British style. Cleverly orchestrated fair play to them!

Glorious 39 starring Eddie Redmayne and Romala Garai

Gina went on to explain: “You cannot deny the racial overtone reported by the media.”

“Talking about her exotic DNA, the way she was depicted in the press.” This is a case in point as if they want to relay the information about her black origins to corroborate stories about her malice. The angry black woman syndrome, the strong black woman narrative and the problematic black woman, go hand in hand here.

Furthermore, Gina questions the length of time it took the Palace to complain about Meghan alleged bullying of the staff, which she suspects is in sync with revelations made to Oprah by the couple about the Royal family. You got that, right! The timing couldn’t have been more impeccable. Waiting three years to report bullying is unheard of, especially as this would have been straightforward with all the procedures and protocols in place. Dubious at best.

Gina continued: “It’s a transparent and pathetic attempt to smear her before this Oprah Winfrey interview comes out because they’re scared of what she’s going to say”. A low blow indeed. It’s also sad to see what they are capable of doing to their own; I guess upholding the monarchy is more important than blood. They would only worsen the situation and strain their relationship with Harry and Archie. I can’t imagine Archie growing up and not condoning such behaviour towards his mother. This really is the end of an era. Harry and Meghan did manage to break the close nit family (at least what it appeared to be ). Now there is a fracture in the royal family, and I don’t think it will ever be amended. The end of an era indeed. The age of the self, of self-preservation and of valuing one’s and one’s family mental health. We will not go through what our parents might have gone through; we refuse to suffer at the expense of others. No means, no!

Journalist Dermot Murnaghan mentioned that some people’s sentiment is that the language was not overtly racist. Terms such as “unroyal” were profusely used to describe Meghan.

Gina responded that: “unroyal why because she comes from a broken family, doesn’t Prince Harry also comes from a broken family. Underhand, it’s passive-aggressive. You know what they’re talking about her DNA, her mother dark skin and her dreadlocks. It’s evident to anybody willing to look.”

Fair point. Why wait three years before eventually leading an investigation about Meghan’s alleged harassment of the Palace’s staff. Why not then?

Something tells me they must be frightened by her revelations to try and play hardball, by ruining yet again her reputation in the eyes of the public. Because at the end of the day, it’s easy to set fire at a mixed-raced black woman with these easy to swallow allegations about her wearing the trousers in the relationship with Harry and being horrible to everyone in the Royal family due to her heritage.

And, this is the essence of the problem. The normalisation of the attack towards Meghan speaks to the hate towards black women all around the world. It resonates in all of us, for that very reason: It could be any of us.

Why couldn’t it just be Harry wishing to protect his family as he could not save his mum at the time? We all saw him accompanying the car transporting his mother at her funeral; we all felt for him. For that reason, we have a soft spot for him and his brother. Hence, the reason why we think he deserves happiness more than the next person. He is privileged, but no matter how privileged you are, a mum’s love and loss are unconditional. What about his mental health in all these shenanigans? Didn’t they ever stop to think that these attacks against his wife affected him and his son? Have they all forgotten how tragedy struck him at such an early age? We all saw him growing up, into becoming one if not the most handsome royals alive. (Was always rooting for him to be with a sister, to be honest, ha! I was quite happy to watch this fairy tale materialise on their wedding day, with the mother in law and her dreadlocks! Amen to that!)

When Gina burst out laughing when the Broadcaster mentioned that some people confessed they didn’t know Meghan was black, was priceless. How could they have not? That’s all we heard in the media. The media circus made sure we heard it all, prior, during and after the wedding. Meghan’s mum is black. Therefore, she is a mixed-race black woman, angry, bossy and malicious. We heard it all before, thank you.

Kelechi pointed out that: “The issue with the UK is that I think we are dealing with a deep malaise, at the very core of our society. Our laws are built upon them. The very institutions and systems that we know wholeheartedly are built upon racism. The number of great atrocities condoned in the name of Empire. When we talk about Meghan being a “bully”, who is the true ‘bully? To have the monarchy, it’s a representation of the colonisation that’s taking place, that we renamed the Commonwealth. That is a legacy of bullying. We are bullying pretty much most of the world. If Meghan was to be a bully, wouldn’t she be exacting the narrative that has upheld the monarchy? As we’ve known it throughout the centuries?”

Precisely. What a more prolific bully than the Empire colonising and enslaving most of the world to grow its influence? A bit ironic, wouldn’t you say? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. To be honest, we know that’s probably untrue. And if that’s the only card they had in store, I am a bit worried for the monarchy come back. I mean, we know what happened to Princess Diana. This cannot be perpetuated again. So they don’t have much to play around with now. In the era of social media and transparency, things cannot be hidden forever like before. You need to be in with the times. Harry leaving the royals epitomises this change of dynamic. He is following in his mother’s footsteps to value himself and his family first before the monarchy.

Kelechi went on to say: “The way the media has been taunting her can affect somebody’s mental health. She recently suffered a miscarriage. Now she’s expecting another child. Surely we shouldn’t be so aggressive towards her. Her livelihood, her safety, doesn’t seem to matter to the British public.

The complete disregard for her mental or physical health is disgusting, especially after what happened to Princess Diana. They will never learn. No hope.

Comedian Gina Yashere explained that:

“The word uppity was used by white people to refer to black people acting above their station and being able to speak properly and being able to read. And for him to use such a word is laughably racist. And for him to then say he didn’t know what it meant. If you’re going to use a word on national TV that you don’t know means or what its true meaning is, then maybe you should look it up before you use it.”

In November 2019, Journalist Eamonn Holmes called Meghan uppity. Uppity has racial connotations, which caused the journalist to be “reprimanded “by his network after receiving complaints by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom. Nonetheless, a source revealed that they only had a chat with him, educating him on the word’s roots. A term used in 19th century USA to describe black people not knowing their places. A little tap on the shoulder, typical if you ask me. Not enough, he should have been fined or apologised to the Duchess to the very least. Since when ignorance counts as an excuse to insult people, a royal for that matter? It seems even the media forgot they were dealing with royalty. This bemuses me! Maybe the harassment of the press was simply too much for Meghan to bear another picture taken of her, with a derogatory caption to be added. Completely understandable. The media are professional manipulators. No matter what she says or does, she will upheld the stereotype they so happily promoted. It was a lost battle from the start.

Gina declared: “Everyone looks at American racism and think, oh yeah, American racism… British racism is just more cleverly done. The Brits and European (about slavery) hid it; on Caribbean islands, they hid their dirty deeds. But it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and this is why we’re having a problem with discussing racism now because they spent so many hundreds of years hiding it so well.”

Fair point. Brits were professionals at getting rid of nuisances. They did it with the blacks but also with their own. Australians were initially Her Majesty’s prisoners sent away because they did not deserve to stay on the same soil as the Queen. They were sent to Australia as far away as possible from England, similarly to black slaves sent to the Caribbeans. Away from the main population’s gaze. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

-The journalist asked the ladies a question related to Sexist comments about the gullible man been led astray by the powerful woman-

And that’s when the plot thickened!

Lawyer and Activist Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu took the stage by storm. And let me just tell you, this made my night!

The Doctor stated: “The level of idiocity, from the caucasity, particularly from the British media, has reached a level of utter ridiculousness. {…} Meghan is being treated worse than somebody who committed a crime, and denying that race hasn’t anything to do with it is truly ridiculous. People have to understand that Black and Bi-racial people of black heritage, race always plays an issue because racism intersects with other forms of inequality that they experience.”

(As she started expressing her view, Gina burst out laughing, I’ve got to admit so did i. The fact that she used urban language to describe this foolery was merely rich.)

I could not have expressed it better than Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu. She said louder what we think out loud! It is indeed absurd to not realise that in 2021 this constitutes misogynoir. Extensively written about in episode 3 of my Colourism Series of articles. No matter how much we like Meghan. People have been saying that she is an actress after all and that they noticed her fake smile at the wedding, while Harry was genuine. Meghan was a conniving person, the driving force behind Harry‘s separation from the royals and their ultimate move.

Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu posited that: “Meghan Markle is being used as an example of what happens to you if you don’t fit the mould. And the three black women you see on the screen are examples of getting off our back because we will not tolerate this nonsense. When you do that to Meghan Markle, of course, you’re doing it to us as well; the reason why the British press is getting such backlash is that we saw it happen before, not just to Meghan Markle but to us. We know what it looks like; the writing is on the wall. “

Indeed, it resonates in any black women across the globe as we fully identify with her. We are subject to systemic racism and overtly racism too. This is all too real for us to not feel away about this.

Now brace yourselves because this was the moment of the interview you needed to have paid attention to! Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu is my hero for daring to say this on British national TV. Wonderwoman has got absolutely nothing on her!

The moment she said this!

“Prince Harry is the husband to Meghan that Prince Charles never was to Diana. That’s saying something.

I fell off my chair! 👀

Excellent point. If Prince Charles was half the husband, Harry is to Meghan, the story would probably have not been so tragic, and Diana wouldn’t have been miserable.

Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu dear…

Now, about this so called investigation.

Why have the so-called bullying allegations been investigated now? Knowing how strict protocols and surveillance is within the royal family?

“When it comes to black people, especially black women, accusing us of being a bully is just as bad as saying that we are guilty. We’re guilty until proven innocent. Enough is enough with that.”

The Broadcaster asked:

Do you think they’ve missed on their chance to genuinely signal to prove that they are modernising, changing, listening, and in that sense atoning for past sins? –

Gina answered: “They missed a massive opportunity. All they had to do was stand up for her. That’s all they needed to do. Stand up to her against this onslaught of the press. A BBC presenter felt ok to post a picture of a chimpanzee when her baby was born. If they only stood up to her, they would have won the heart and minds of everybody. They chose not to. And now they’re choosing to attack her days before this interview comes out. It’s pathetic!”

Exactly. The reason why they did not is simply that they did not want to. They only do what they want to do. That’s the monarchy we are talking about. If they really cared, they would lift a finger. The writing’s on the wall.

Kelechi postulated:

“What are we modernising? We’re modernising rape, pillage, theft then displaying it in the British museums. What are we modernising? I’m glad that all of this is playing out. I obviously wouldn’t want that kind of pain that Meghan had to endure; surely not. However, I believe that we see a crumbling of the monarchy, and that needs to happen; if we are talking about a true equitable society that is just for all, that is fair for all, then surely we can’t have the hierarchy that we currently have. It goes to show that the very pervasive nature of the racism that has upheld the monarchy for centuries is not something you can just wish away. It’s not something you can marry away; they’re going to have to reckon with that; all of us as a nation will have to reckon with that. “

This tirade reminds me of the best-seller Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race – by Reni Eddo-Lodge (2017). The book achieved record sales in the book charts, making Reni Eddo-Lodge the number one black British author in the wake of George Floyd’s unfortunate death. The book exemplifies the history of black and brown people, micro-aggressions we go through at school, systemic racism and gaslighting in a nutshell. So well written that many woke white people or people intending to educate themselves on race were keen to read.

Bittersweet for the author, that it took a tragedy to occur to be celebrated for her literary talent this way. Even though the book has had a successful run prior, it was the best book I have read from a black woman’s point of view to explain the root of racism and its normalisation in our societies. Hence, the author will no longer talk to white people about race but rather write for that matter. It’s beautiful and philosophical, as it’s opened the way to dialogue at the end. And I believe that is what we need to move on from racism altogether. We need a  shock to the system, forcing people to pay attention and enforce drastic changes. Maybe it will take this interview of the Duke and Duchess to end the harassment linked to racism. Perhaps it will be the disruptive force we’ve all been waiting for.

Micro-aggressions can be exemplified by statements such as  – You are pretty for a black girl. You’re not too black. Are your parents ok with you dating out of your race? I’ve seen your mum; she is quite well dressed and well-spoken.-

Systemic Racism is illustrated by – the lack of progression at work, access to housing or access to healthcare.

For instance, the eviction and replacement of Candice Braithwaite (reported in episode 3 of my Colourism Series blog posts) from the BBC documentary related to childbirth and complications black women endure is a case in point. Indeed, after becoming the expert in the field, cumulating research and informing people on the matter, Candice was dismissed regardless of her background. So are we ready to let black women express themselves on issues concerning them or not? Are we willing to be open-minded and logical about the whole point? Silencing us is what systemic racism manages to create.

Racial gaslighting can be illustrated by a personal anecdote:  – At work, I wore my afro out, a colleague stated that my hair was “scary”. I have been told he didn’t mean it like this and that he is not a racist 👀

Another friend was asked was by her colleague if she could touch her hair. She then asked the colleague if she could feel her hair also. The colleague in question was upset 🤷🏾‍♀️ When the shoe is on the other foot…

Micro-aggressions black people go through on a daily basis!

This proves that, yet again, education is vital. In 2021, it’s inconceivable to still be ignorant about the race question in the UK. Google is your friend, so are socials, but if not, books and black people can be too. There is no excuse for people to be ignorant with a plethora of information and educational sources at our disposal. If you don’t know, ask to avoid saying something that would be out of order today.

We are not here for this anymore. Our parents may have been, but we sure know our values, our rights and our worth. Enough is enough. If you want to join in the race against racism, come equipped, educate yourself or step aside because for you to be anti-racist, you will need to be outspoken, and I’m afraid a bit of research would be required.

This is why panel discussion such as the interview Sky news anchor Dermot Murnaghan moderated. Fair play to him, for asking relevant questions and, more importantly, letting his interviewees speak. It mustn’t have been easy for him, but he did his job to perfection, no matter how hard it must have been to hear the British press’s attacks, the monarchy, and colonialism. However, my girls had to set the record straight, and Blimey did they to perfection!

But is it just for show? As we know, the English speaking world, particularly the USA, enjoys putting up a front. At least the UK tried to respond to the Black Lives Matter uproar in recruiting more black people in key positions. Sky News hired black anchors for football features. But is it for the long run?

I had a conversation the other day with an Afro-American journalist who pointed out that back home in the USA, she would notice white people purposefully showing off their anti-racist books at the time of the BLM protests. The best example would be New York Times’ best-seller White Fragility addressing the defence mechanism white people would employ when questioned about their opinion on race. A white woman on race wrote a book. A step forward yes, but acting upon what you read is the key to real change. Unlike the French who like to debate everything, taking actions is louder. So let’s educate ourselves by reading, but let’s make a difference to change perceptions and the world we live in.

The Oprah Winfrey interview revealed the following:

  • A member of the royal family (which the Duke and Duchess adamantly refuse to name) were concerned about how dark Archie would be.
  • It was speculated that Archie was denied the title of Prince because of his mixed-heritage.
  • When they were still in the UK, Meghan was contemplating suicide which is the straw. that broke the camel’s back. The couple were hurt by the lack of concern from the “firm” and the royal family regarding Meghan’s mental health.
  • The couple confirmed they are expected a baby girl in the summer and that it will be the last.
  • Meghan denied all claims that Kate made her cry and that it was actually the contrary.
  • Prince Charles refuses to take Harry’s phone calls and their relationship is more complicated at the present time. He is deeply hurt, by the lack of support from his dad especially.
  • Harry and Prince Williams are estranged.
  • Harry had to get out of the “system” to protect his family, a system his brother and father are “trapped” into.
  • Meghan shared that after watching Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ she realised that the mermaid had her Prince at the cost of her voice. She got her voice back at the end , but that was a shock to her, that in order to be with her Prince charming she would have to give up on her voice. This implied she did not want to go through this ordeal, gaining her back her power during the interview, by revealing their truths.
  • Oprah asked Meghan if she had her happy ending after all. “Greater than any fairytale that you’ve ever read”, she answered.
  • As Meghan and Harry stepped down and began performing performing part-time royal duties, they were effectively denied security when they decided to move to the USA.

In the meantime, Meghan’s father expressed to Good Morning Britain that he did not think the Palace was racist, L.A. is but not the Brits. In his opinion, asking what complexion his grandson would be is far from racist.

Additionally, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is 7th in line to the British throne BUT as reiterated in the blockbuster interview he isn’t a Prince nor does he have a title. However, as soon as Charles becomes King, Archie will automatically become HRH (His Royal Highness ) Prince Archie.

In the wake of the interview, Meghan and Harry were showered with praises by Hollywood and American politicians such as: Hilary Clinton, The Biden administration, Serena Williams and Queen B herself to name a few.

Serena Williams supporting Meghan Markle on Instagram

In the UK, the interview divided the press regarding the allegations made about the royals and the issues of mental health and racism. Piers Morgan quit his Good Morning Britain Show after stating he “didn’t believe a word” Meghan said. He recently stated that : “I don’t believe almost anything that comes out of her mouth and i think the damage she’s done to the British monarchy and to the Queen at a time. when Prince Philip is lying in hospital is enormous and frankly contemptible.”

His comments sparked such an outraged, that ITV announced Morgan was leaving the show. Indeed, 41,000 complaints led to an Ofcom investigation.

I think what shocked people, is the complete disregard of Morgan for mental health and racism in this day and age. It is too big of a deal just to brush off the carpet and to disregard completely. In my opinion, it is bigger than Meghan , it’s the silencing of the person suffering mentally and affecting them physically. So long Piers! It was well deserved!

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan
Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu on CNN

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu and thousands of others rejoiced to the idea.

My ultimate moment is when Piers Morgan storms out of his own show , because he did not like to be reprimanded by weatherman Alex Beresford for his thoughts on Megzit.

Piers Morgan and Alex Beresford raw on Good Morning Britain
Red Table Talk style!

Hope you enjoyed the interview and aftermaths.

I sure did! 💁🏾‍♀️

A brilliant summary of the harassement Meghan suffered at the hands of British tabloids can be found here, courtesy of Actress and Presenter Sarah Mackenzie 💟

We Need to Talk About Megzit!

What do you guys think about the Megzit article? About the royal family attack on Meghan’s character? Let me know in the comments section ⬇‼️

Let me know in the comment section!

Thank you for reading AND See you next week for another witty blog post 💋

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