Allow me to formally introduce myself…

“I am a storyteller with my music. And my story, nobody gonna tell it for me.” Angelique Kidjo
Ayekpa Anne-Laetitia

Hi my name is Ayekpa Anne-Laetitia, i am an Afro-French lady born and raised in Paris who completed her studies in London town and have never looked back since. I have an Events, Music and Media Management + Marketing background and my interests comprise Music, Fashion and the Visual Arts as a whole. I have always been more attracted to music from a young age, thanks to my mother and my elders, which can explain my keen love for this particular art form and the eclecticism those roots encouraged (Africa/ France and heavily influenced by British and US music).

I am a singer and a songwriter, but always found it easier to put all my thoughts on paper rather than entertaining crowds, that is until recently….This lockdown and my recent visit to the Motherland forced me to get out of my confort zone, and conquer my fears. So here i am, starting my long awaited blog, recently starring in a brand new show called AfroPolitaine La Web Série (also PR Attachée) and last but not least working on getting my music out there (Finally!). I also Freelance as a Project Coordinator for Umoja a project championing African artistry from the continent and in the Diaspora. Hence, this blog will curate subjects ranging from and not restricted to:

  • Albums/singles critics,
  • Aftershow: divulge into topics on Afropolitaine La Web Série or any other shows (I will perform a de-brief of the film/tv show at hand)
  • Promote artists i lay my eyes on
  • The Culture and more!!!

You probably have noticed i have plenty to share, hence this blog will curate subject ranging from and not restricted to: the excitement running through my veins sharing my most private thoughts with you. I view this as self-therapeutic and educational journey. We learn everyday, and i am elated to share my thoughts freely with you on these invigorating

Readership: 25-40 year old unapologetically black afro-descendant, cultured and open minded. Lovers of Fashion, Music, outings and all arts forms, educated to university standard, well travelled, are most importantly confidently opinionated and think critically. They are for the Culture, however don’t deny being a product of their environment and embrace pop culture in and out. They have a spiritual and emotional connection with the motherland, nonetheless the double culture is undoubtedly an inherent part of their character.

I have decided to blog in order to speak up rather than being silenced, on subjects dear to my heart, and if you know me, you would know i am actually taken out of my comfort zone. I see it as a testimony of my life experiences and what i see and learn everyday. I am done been a spectator of my life, i have decided to take action and not speak about but rather be about it. I want to encourage dialogue and see this platform as a safe haven , for people to share thoughts and elevate one another. Putting my thoughts out there, would do so much more than keeping a journal, as i open a conversation , where there hasn’t been , and am confident it will do wonders to the mental and spiritual health. I will not be silenced anymore.